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Corporate Intranet Sites

Infoprojekt started its first project with a small documentation library based on the SharePoint 2002. Since then we have been continuously building our expertise in Microsoft SharePoint 2007-2019 and are currently using Office 365 and SharePoint Online for the ongoing projects.

Majority of our clients use SharePoint as a single corporate window into the organisation data, so besides the typical SharePoint features like:

We also embed many custom solutions like Business Intelligence, Infopanels, Planners, etc.

One of our key competences is Microsoft SharePoint development. We mainly cooperate with large, worldwide organisations and develop their Intranet Sites based on SharePoint Collaboration platform. There are many areas in Company Operations processes which are similar despite the industry. We are always happy to share our experience with clients and see how our systems help them to develope.

Marek Ulanowski
CEO, Infoprojekt

Our customers are large worldwide organisations, with offices in different time zones, supporting many languages and culture differences.

Since they originate from various industries and various countries, the diversity of the projects let us build experience in the most sophisticated environments.

Our custom built Intranet solutions cover all the areas and make our clients very satisfied.

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