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Document Management System based on SharePoint 2010

Client: Danish Financial Organization


The customer, financial organisation with a long history, was using Hummingbird DM5 document management system for over 10 years. A large library of 300.000 documents was difficult to manage in Outlook 2003 interface. The goal was to perform a migration of the whole organisation to Office 2010 platform and build the document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The document repository migration was one of the steps of a large migration project, so it was very important to make the switch for the organisation as smooth as possible.


Custom made solution with dedicated components let us rerun the process many times and test it thoroughly before the deployment. It was a huge change not only in terms of business processes, but also infrastructure. It was combined effort of the customer and Infoprojekt to prepare the people and infrastructure for the change.

From a one day morning they were asked to use a new computer, new operating system and new main tool. They still had at hand the old configuration, on the old machines, but it was switched to read-only mode. The whole process was seamless and very much transparent for the users.

The new interface was designed to be natural and self-explanatory. The solution combines the best document management features offered by SharePoint Server 2010, which was further enriched with dedicated plugins to make the work with Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook more efficient. Powerful search capabilities of SharePoint platform allows immediate finding of documents either on basis of full-text indexing of Office files, PDFs and emails or by refining the result set by the metadata properties. What we are especially proud of is the possibility to automatic OCR, index and full-text search in scanned “image PDF”.

With the new solution users create documents from templates with a single click from the dedicated SharePoint page. It was one of the key requirements to enable automatic setting of default metadata and permissions directly from MS Office applications. In the project we fully incorporated managed metadata service feature of SharePoint Server 2010 to implement the complex hierarchical taxonomy used by customer to categorize documents. The deployment architecture guarantees the enhanced scalability and availability. Full mirroring and load balancing provide a comfortable work environment, which is ready to upscale without a touch.

The new system has been very well received. On our normal 10 point NPS scale our users gave you highest notes. The new system made our work easier and faster. We're really satisfied.

Feedback from the customer


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7.

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