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Pulling data out of Axapta

Exiqon A/S is a text book example of a modern technology based company with international operations facing the challenges that come with being a small sized public company operating across three time zones in two business segments and having a product offering that exceeds 60.000 product combinations for life science research use. Preparing a central point for integrating common ERP activities into SharePoint turned out to be of highest priority.

For Exiqon a listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stock Exchange led to increasing financial reporting obligations and the means to realize an ambitious growth strategy. We achieved our goals by empowering all managers through data access and financial accountability enabled by a new IT platform.

Hans Henrik Chrois Christensen
CFO, Exiqon A/S


Keeping operational control, track of pricing, cost, and profits across the value chain while aiming to grow aggressively provides considerable challenges for all aspects of the business.

Adopting an IT strategy with focus on integrated solutions and a common platform, including SharePoint, a data warehouse and BI has allowed for online access to financial data for all managers in the organization, process mapping to support quality controls in manufacturing and R&D, access to operational KPI/KRIs. Executive management has obtained easy online access to live data and can now oversee all aspects of a complex business model.

Exiqon A/S and its IT solution provider, Infoprojekt, have jointly designed and customized the company’s solution based on the Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2013 Excel Services and Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 Reporting Services.

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The strategy proved successful when integrating a U.S. acquisition of similar size only 9 months after the IPO. We have since expanded functionality across all parts of the value chain to map our processes and include KPI/KRIs that allows managers to monitor day-to-day operations in addition to financial performance. Consistent step-by-step development of our infrastructure, has delivered professionalism at modest cost.

Hans Henrik Chrois Christensen
CFO, Exiqon A/S

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