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Quality Management Portal (NCR handling process) - System is currently being migrated to Office 365

The customer, building materials supplier with over 50 plants all over the world, required to standardise their procedures in the Quality department, particularly to automate the area of non-conformity reports (NCRs) handling. Existing processes involved a lot of manual actions based on exchanging emails, pictures and Excel spread sheets. The portal provided a single platform for all users involved in QA process within the Group and all scenarios involving suppliers, supply offices, end customers, intra cooperation and internal processes.


The new portal was based on SharePoint 2013 and provided web based GUI available through the internet, using secure HTTPS connections. The solution was also integrated with existing MDR system and Navision ERP used by each company in the Group.

After Quality Management System deployment in May 2012, across the entire Client network, average time necessary to solve a non conformity issue has been reduced by 40%.

The system is recognized as a great tool, ease to use and fast, with multilanguage support and data centralization.

Marek Ulanowski
CEO, Infoprojekt


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

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