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New Products Development

Excel-based manual process of the new product development was time-consuming and problematic for those in charge of it.

We continue to be inspired by the overwhelming response from employees and the untapped potential that the future holds. Many of our colleagues have great ideas - and now they have the means to bring these concepts to our attention.

Director of Strategic Marketing


To improve the functionality and productivity of the NPD process, improve change traceability, and leverage collaboration ability we implemented the New Product Development Tool - the online platform used to manage the product development process globally.

Within this platform it becomes much easier for team members to communicate, monitor project stage and new products development progress, approve or reject projects through an approval workflow, provide an overview on multiple projects. The tool also reduces duplication, increase performance and visibility.

NPD Tool is highly rated by our users. This may be confirmed by the implementation of new extensions: Ideas and Hopper. The 'Ideas' extension enables any employee in the company to submit an idea for a new product or improvement. The 'hopper' extension enables a group of experts to push an idea to the assessment period.

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