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Dedicated Pharmaceutical Systems

Client: Danish Pharmaceutical Company

The customer, pharmaceutical company operating in Europe and the United States, required to improve the order procedure. The goal was to develop custom designed mRNA qPCR assays from an easy to use web interface and have the assays delivered through the client standard order process as well as to deliver a native iOS application the researchers could use all over the world.

I just want to inform you that the app was presented to the board this Monday and they were all amazed! The app has set a new direction for our company. Kudos to you for making it happen!

Christopher Shaun F. Ramos
IT Director


Because of the high level of task’s substantive complexity, the decision was made to lead the project following SCRUM methodology. The project was divided into several stages, each requiring a close and trustful cooperation between Infoprojekt and their partner.

After having successfully finished the development, the app was uploaded to AppStore and is available as "Advanced Molecular Genetics Database Search Tool" since.

Infoprojekt put as much effort into sound programming logic as they did into thinking of the user’s needs. Since Apple’s users needed to act flawlessly in the application right after its installation, an intuitive user experience was critical.

In the end, both Infoprojekt and our partner agreed that the app fulfills sophisticated functional requirements.


Microsoft SharePoint Server, custom WebParts + Internal Pharma Systems.

Dedicated iPhone Application.

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