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Supply Chain Analysis

As a multi plant, cross national company, one of our partners has faced problems while trying to create a central supply chain reporting point. Based on our experience and joint effort, we managed to set up a Purchase Intelligence system.

Our joint effort resulted in a valuable tool used by the managers to lower production costs.

Today's business reality forces companies to constantly review their biggest cost factors. Sourcing has always been the area with the main focus. Companies delivering high quality product have always wanted to accumulate their orders to enable cheaper deliveries while not affecting the quality. This seems impossible without a dedicated tool and that is what Purchase Intelligence was created for. It enables purchasing managers to deliver materials while keeping costs low.

Marek Ulanowski
CEO, Infoprojekt


Companies are attracted to supply chain Business Intelligence tools by their possibilities to turn arrays of data into easily interpretable dashboards.

Infoprojekt has designed and automated the process of gathering data from our partner's plants and accomodate it into live data dashboards. While working jointly with our partner we managed to identify key business needs and provide supply chain managers with a valuable tool to fulfill their needs.

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