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Modern resources allocation

Efficient allocation of resources is a challenge that many companies struggle with. A modern IT system enables a considerable decrease of costs of such activities. Regardless of the fact whether it’s a management of doctors and merchandisers’ visits, or efficient planning of service team path, it’s always about reaching the same goals:

The resource might be a man, but also a car, conference room or a mechanical device. The effective reservation system enables the significant increase of efficiency and minimalization of the activity costs.

Marek Ulanowski
CEO Infoprojekt

Case study – Planning system for medical applications

Our experience in such activities concerns planning visits of medical staff taking blood samples from chronically ill patients. The system was deployed at our Customer’s headquarters in the Netherlands and it deals with planning of work for a few hundred of people working in different regions of Amsterdam.

Each day employees divided into regions go on their rounds to take blood samples from chronically ill patients and then at set time hand the samples over to a laboratory. Employees use Palmtops with a built-in GSM module to systematically monitor visits assigned to them, update the visits already completed and to inform the Schedule Manager about visits that for different reasons won’t be realized on that day.

Many typical problems have indeed been solved in this system. First of all the maximum efficiency of a resource usage has been achieved. An employee that sees during the day that he won’t be able to realize the assigned visit might return it to the bank, and thanks to it another employee can take it over. Also stoppages at the Sample Collection Points where only a certain number of employees can be served at once, which leaded to unnecessary queues, have been eliminated. New system made it possible to plan the realization of visits with an accuracy to 5 minutes. The necessity of unrealized visits monitoring has been eliminated, for in the described system such visits are automatically moved to the next day with the highest priority. Specificity of a medical branch results in fact that not taking blood samples for a few following days may put patient’s life in danger, which resulted in emphasis on system reliability and safety.

The important element of the system is also module for settling time of employees’ rounds. The employees are supposed to systematically update through their Palmtops information about the realized visits. The Schedule Manager (a Planner) can at any time see the statistics of planned and unrealized visits, the certain employee average workload as well as the certain team average workload. On the basis of the realized visits Register the employee settlement takes place, and the travel time is not taken into account.

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