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SharePoint migration to Cloud

SharePoint Online (Office 365) offers almost all features of SharePoint without the overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Predictable ongoing costs, automated maintenance of the servers, team of experts monitoring the resources, high availability causes that more and more organizations are planning the migration of their collaboration platforms to Microsoft cloud.

On the other hand Microsoft does not offer any tools to support the process of transition to SharePoint Online. Commercial software available on the market works well when migrating simple artifacts like lists or libraries but offers very limited functionality in case of migration of whole portals. Poor level of automation requires continuous attention of high level professionals during the transition process. It is long lasting operation requiring many repetitions and manual interactions what makes it error prone and do not guarantee full success.

We use to stay and support our customers for a long period of time. Over few years, the technology change multiple times, therefore it's necessary to constantly keep upgrading and moving forward.

Marek Ulanowski, CEO


We offer ready to use cloud based platform without necessity to worry of any technical aspects. Our specialists designed and implemented whole process of SharePoint transition. High level of automation and configuration makes the migration procedure repeatable, testable and fast. Using our experience with SharePoint we can offer not only the data migration but also adopting line-of-business applications to cloud infrastructure.

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