Software Development

Having been involved in software outsourcing development since 2000, software development projects covering diverse industries, Infoprojekt has accumulated extensive development experience in Microsoft technologies.

Infoprojekt’s traditional strength has been a software development, which contributed a large percentage of the company's business. Our offshore software development service provides a comprehensive infrastructure for project planning, requirements analysis, system design, implementation, testing and deployment.

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Software Maintenance

These days companies need to spend a lot of time and money on day-to-day maintenance of legacy systems. Infoprojekt’s maintenance/support services not only offer a cost and wasted time reduction, but also a flexible approach to each case, by combining essential technical skills and process acquaintance.

How do we do it?


Technology Consulting

Each organization, regardless of its size, benefits a lot from having a comprehensive technology plan. Obviously, technology became one of the keys to success, and in order to keep up with the competition companies need to define how to make full use of it to bring their goals into reality.

Infoprojekt hires many highly qualified and skilled computer professionals who own a great depth of understanding of specialized technologies. We believe that performing successful IT projects is much more important than just writing precise specifications, without planning the future. We provide you with advanced, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions of technical support and consulting both onshore and offshore. All that will improve the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

Infoprojekt's technology consulting comprises of an array of services which include:

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