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Territorial Data Analysis

Client: LINDAB, a leading producer of metal building systems in Europe.

Client Requirements: A program that would let the company easily analyze the selling network results.

Solution: Territorial Data Analysis (TAD) - a program, which enables users to visualize and graphically analyze data on a digital map of Poland.

Almost in each company lots of time is spent on monitoring of sales results and market analysis. Plus it’s necessary to check results of the promotion actions or changing the selling network structure. In many cases the most efficient would be just a digital map. A map where different kinds of data, depending on a need, could be displayed, and we could easily operate with these numbers by using colors and graphic symbols in order to find correlations (and, which is just as important, to effectively present the research results in a visualized form).

All that and much more can be done by TAD, a program designed and developed by Infoprojekt. There are many potential appliances for TAD, and the most popular are: automatic creation of updated view of the sales results (considering products, regions, areas or the types of distribution channels), automatic localization of current and potential customers by the postcode, searching for geographical correlations of demand for particular goods (geographical segmentation), planning and optimization of the selling network, preparing information maps for periodical reports and presentations, as well as mentioned above monitoring of the results of promotion actions.

Since TAD uses vector maps, at any time you can zoom the viewed area in order to get more details. Thanks to program flexibility letting the users combine many territorial structures, cartodiagrams, diagrams, geographical objects and area analysis on one site each company can create its own methods of analyzing, perfect for each specific case.

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