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Merge of two Azure Tenants

Client: Large, cross-continental organization


The customer, a large multi-national company focused on plastic technologies merged with another firm. Since both of them were already taking advantage of Office 365 environments to run their daily business, a decision was made to merge the two tenants. Both companies were using Exchange Online, Sharepoint 365, OneDrive, Dynamics 365 and Yammer. The goal of the project was to enhance intercompany knowledge flow, lower environment maintenance costs as well as to enable better social interaction channels.

The technical complexity of the project was set very high since the client expected to run the migration with no system downtime for the users.


Project development phase was split into 3 major phases: Setting up a Proof of Concept, content pre-staging and the final migration.

Proof of Concept

Due to the project's complexity and the need to acquire a sophisticated know-how, the decision was taken to run a fully operational Proof of Concept. This phase consisted of creating a replica of all major systems. Afterwards, test systems were merged. Thanks to that phase, we were able to evaluate the risks and decide on preventive actions. Requirements for the supporting tools were also identified.


From the start of the project we knew that it will not be technically possible to migrate all the data and have it security-trimmed and indexed within a weekend. Mass data uploads are subject to numerous throttling policies. Because of the system's internal data relations, it turned out data upload orchestration policies were needed. Based upon all these reasons, the team decided to start uploading the data 2 months before the deadline. The goal was to make sure that the majority of data is already uploaded to the target tenant long before the deadline. The data needed however to be excluded from all indexing engines due to security requirements.


Since a majority of data was uploaded to the target tenant before the deadline, the final activities were focused on security-trimming. There were multiple teams involved on 3 continents so handling timezone discrepancies was a significant concern. Activity orchestration was well prepared and rehearsed many times before the "Go-Live" phase was executed. According to the teams expectations - only some minor flaws were detected. The team handled them skilfully what resulted in an overall success of the migration.

I would like to congratulate the whole team on reaching the goal. Nothing is impossible for you!

Project Manager

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