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Like a software house… but better.

Become a part of our company that ships software to the most prominent players out there. Join and grow in one of our teams and code in the future-proof technology. Kubernetes containers, .NET CORE, Nservice bus? You name it; we run it! And if all of that sounds like you, just drop us mail. We’re more than happy to connect and start the conversation.

What’s exceptional at Infoprojekt?

You’ll develop large-scale projects with the latest tech

You’ll choose between on-site and remote work

You’ll grow fast and (almost) efortless

You can be yourself and we’ll love it

We cut short any corporate formalities

We want your work to support you in life

Impressive tech stack

Kubernetes containers, .NET CORE, NServiceBus, Angular, or Microsoft 365, to name a few. It’s all for grabs.

Stay ahead of the game and build something extraordinary.

Projects with a bang!

We’re lucky to work with and solve problems for the most significant international companies.

That gives us the freedom to choose modern architectural design patterns and solutions.

You’ll never get bored.

Chill atmosphere

Work-life balance is one of our core values. We support each other to live a better life. Everyday interactions bring us closer, but that goes even further with sports events and office parties.

That’s how friendships are made.

Excited to connect with you!

Starting a new chapter in your professional career? That’s
fantastic! Check one of our hot offers. Maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

People stay for 15+ years with us

Wonder why? Join our team to find out

Software Engineer

We have a great connection

…and we know each other well – half of the company has been on board for 10 years or more! People are cool, and there’s no drama. We can count on one another to help bring our
ideas to life.


Why don’t drop us a mail?

Infoprojekt Sp. z o.o.

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80-232, Gdańsk

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