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Being Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is a commitment. It is not only required by Microsoft that we use the latest technologies internally, but it is our passion to stay up to date with the frameworks and create applications which our clients can benefit from.

Our mission is to develop advanced solutions for the automation of business processes in a wide variety of fields and industries. Software developers, these days, play the role of doctors for the business processes. The clients approach us with the real problems and pains. Although they are usually looking for an immediate action, the cost factor is always very important. To fulfill such highly demanding market challenges we have mastered the continuous integration processes, knowledge sharing and teamwork.

From the Architecture design to the single button implementation, we focus on creating the value. We believe that computer science, like no other field, requires constant development and modern thinking. Therefore, we constantly cultivate these values, sharing our knowledge with younger employees and upscaling the crew with new, fresh views of colleagues hired. Our co-working methods allow for individual development and satisfaction with what we do. We share our successes with various non-profit organizations, supporting their development and help them to help the others.

We specialize in

SharePoint 2010-2019/Office 365

Industry Specific Software

Systems Integrations

Enterprise Factoring Systems

Microsoft Business & Manufacturing Intelligence

Territorial Data Analysis


Systems & Data Migrations

Our success stories

Manage 100.000+ Invoices Daily
Improve Decision Making
Manage Field
Do The Business
Manage Quality Worldwide
Improve Collaboration
Manage 300.000+ Documents Library
Organize Data Worldwide
Loyalty Programs
Pharmaceutical Systems
Online Order Handling
New Product Development

Your Career Options

We are always looking for talented individuals who can help us grow. We are people-oriented and have created an atmosphere that welcomes new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. As a trusted member of our team, you would have the opportunity to learn, experiment, contribute, grow, and take home a highly competitive salary at the end of the day.

As the Gold Microsoft Partner, we are focused on their technology stack. We are lucky to work with large international companies which give us freedom to choose modern architecture design patterns and solutions such as: microservices, Kubernetes containers, NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, .NET CORE in the backend. The Frontend team enjoys working with latest versions of Angular or React. And our Microsoft365 crew is always up to date by design. The new PowerPlatform is an endless reservoir of new “toys” to fulfill your dream about building something extraordinary.

If you feel ready for the challenge, we should talk.


Infoprojekt Sp. z o.o.

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